The Ability to Change is the Ability to Fly!
--Jude Rose--

Welcome to the home of AbiliFly LLC - "The Ability to Change is the Ability to Fly!" We provide exceptional business consulting services to passionate entrepreneurs and innovators; enabling them to individually realize their "life's work," and the full potential of their business.

AbiliFly Mission - AbiliFly is a trusted advisor to innovators, seeing in them their greatest potential, and partnering with them to realize their life's work.

AbiliFly Vision - AbiliFly is a catalyst for fueling long-term job creation by transforming innovation into sustainable businesses.

AbiliFly Market Focus - AbiliFly delivers value to the community by filling the unmet needs of innovators and innovations heretofore incapable of transforming an idea into a sustainable business. The AbiliFly focus is to shepherd technologies and technology companies through "transformations" that enable them to rapidly grow and reach a state of long term viability.

What we do

AbiliFly LLC provides strategic development services for entrepreneurial-led technology businesses. These services are intended to serve as a catalyst and impetus for change and development to enable clients to achieve business growth, penetrate new markets, and/or launch new products and services offerings. Change and development activities reflect the need to create, adapt and sustain effective business strategies aligned with the core purpose and goals of the Client. These activities also include the need to implement and employ effective internal business practices, go-to-market tactics, and appropriately prepared staff. Finally, change and development activities extend to external relationships with clients, collaborators and in response to competition. Person-to-person Networking and outreach activities are foundational elements within this thrust.

Our Services

Collaborative business development services to assess the market maturity of Client products and services ("solutions") and "go-to-market" strategies. These services may encompass elements of a SWOT analysis and will consider facets such as technology and/or services offering maturity, market position, competition, and "why buy?" considerations (legal mandates, cost savings, offset weakness, create advantage, extend state-of-practice, and funded research objectives). Other considerations may include disruptive potential, distribution channels and/or teaming opportunities, timeline to market, and technology adoption phase.

Collaborative business operations services to identify areas for strengthening and/or direct support. Provide tactical subject matter expertise to address specific needs as appropriate. These services are intended to align with short term needs and identified shortfalls in capability or staff knowledge that are addressed by tactical engagement of the Consultant to accomplish a task (either independently or as part of a Client team).

Business networking and outreach services with the objective of enhancing the customer/partner business network. These services may include participation or representation at conferences and luncheons and/or direct in-person or telephonic engagement with potential Client' customer prospects or potential teaming partners.